Friday, October 11, 2013


What is the meaning of baby dumping?

Child is a priceless and preciously gift from Allah. However, baby dumping or child dumping virus has chronic cases in our daily life. According to Wikipedia the Free Encyclopedia, baby dumping or baby abandonment is the practice of relinquishing interests and claims over one's offspring with the intent of never again resuming or reasserting them. An abandoned child is called a foundling (as opposed to a runaway or an orphan). Baby dumping refers to parents (generally mothers) abandoning or discarding a child younger than 12 months in a public or private place with the intent of disposing it. As we all know, nowadays, baby dumping virus is one of the most and big social problems in Malaysia. So, what are the best main factors and its prevention in this chronic problem? The main factors and preventions about baby dumping issues in Malaysia are family break-up, peers influence and poverty. As alert students, we will present about this social problem to you for we think and take it as the moral value in our daily life.

One factor that leads to baby dumping virus is family break-up. Family break-up happen when husband and wife are no longer understand of each other. Sometimes they happen suddenly without any signal and it is hard to understand why there needs to be change at all. Their children are the person that most affected when both of their parents decided to divorce and cannot raise their child. The tendencies for they make decision to dump their children are really high. This child will become homeless without an important person to judge them. For example, lately, we found this case in facebook, , 6th October 2013, KUALA SELANGOR- Six children are dumped by their parents just because misunderstood in their marriage. We should not take it as a granted because child is a priceless gift from Allah in marriage. In conclusion, the factor that leads to baby dumping or child dumping virus in Malaysia is family break-up.
Next, the factor of baby dumping chronic virus is peers influence. As we all know, every person have friends, but we should choose the right person to be our friends. Baby dumping issue are mostly happen because of we choose the wrong person to be our friends. Sometimes we choose a person that opposite gender that is like to head to the night club. For example, when they are under the influence of drugs and alcohol, it will lead them to have unprotected sex that is without taking any prevention for pregnancy. This case are mostly happen and effect to female teenage because they have immature to understand the effects of free sex on their live. When they know that they was pregnant without marriage, for sure to hide their guilty after deliver their cute baby, they take the short way that they choose to dump their baby in public places such as toilet, surau or mosque. Sometimes, when people found the baby, the babies are already dead. They think that when they put their baby in public places they will save. That is wrong! Hey, what you will feel if your parents do to you same like you do to your baby? What do you feel if your hand is bite by a dog? Or your fingers are eaten by the ant? Maybe you think that your baby does not have any feeling but trust us, your baby is not wrong. Your action to have free sex is wrong, friends! Please to be careful when you choose your friends. In the nut of shell, the factor of baby dumping chronic virus is from peers influence.

Lastly, the factor of baby dumping is poverty. Poverty is the one of the most factors of baby dumping issues. Persons in cultures with poor who are not financially capable taking care their child are more likely dump him or her. These situations usually are happen in marriage couple or non-marriage couple. According the main topic, we focus on teenager that dumps their baby because of the poverty. Teenagers are the person who is around 12 to 21 years old and of course mostly they are students, and of course they do not have money to support the baby needs. So they take the easy way to solve their problems that they dump their baby. They feel the baby put the burden in their life. In facts, their action to dump their baby is not rational and will effects her from mentally and physically. For example, according one of the articles that we read from internet, Psychologists believe that even short-term dumping can damage a child’s emotional and social development. “Even short separation could have a negative effect on the child’s ability to form close relationships,” said Dr Michael Boulton, a child psychologist at the University of Keele. “Babies often form attachment with their mother before birth. They know their mother’s smell and turn to them when anxious or distressed. I f they suddenly find they have gone it can be very damaging.” In addition, Dr Boulton said that mothers who dump their children normally do so under desperate circumstances. “Having one’s first child is the most stressful experience someone can go through. Young mothers can be vulnerable, especially if they are alone and have poverty problem.”

                Long-term solutions results from unwanted pregnancy should be taken by us. The preventions of this chronic social issue in Malaysia are launching sexual education in Malaysia and be responding to unwanted pregnancy. Mostly, baby dumping happen from unwanted pregnancy. Therefore, to prevent this virus it is necessary to launch sexual education in Malaysia to educate individual either teenage or adult about sexuality. Besides, we must respond to unwanted pregnancy. Individuals especially teenagers that experience unwanted pregnancies must received support from us. Maybe they do something wrong by their past but we should save the baby. Just imagine that if you are baby, and you waiting to see the new world and waiting to explore the world by your own eyes, ears, hands, legs and so on, but just because someone do not care to your mother who delivered you as a baby and she dump you like a rubbish, what you will feel? Mad?  Seriously, you know your own answer. In conclusion, to prevent this bad virus chronic issue in Malaysia, sexual education and responding to unwanted pregnancy must launch.

               In conclusion, as educated persons we must think critically about this issue and try to solve it. Child is a priceless give from Allah for us either from marriage or non-marriage. We must grateful and try to be a ‘superman’ and ‘superwoman’ to our baby. Besides, if we do wrong in our life, we must do repentances to Allah. The main factor that leads this issue is family break-up, peers influences and poverty. Besides, the prevention that must we do in Malaysia are launching of sexual education and responding to unwanted pregnancy. Hopefully, this article will make us think and think critically about our world if this virus spread actively among Malaysian teenagers especially Muslims.
Let’s spread our love to the babies who is will take place this world for us! Insya-Allah.