Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Assalamualaikum, as courtesy becomes increasing important in recent years, debates have been raised among those who states that it is acceptable to show impoliteness for some reasons, and those who think that it is inappropriate to be rude to others no matter when it is. Personally I am the latter kind of person, for that in my view, bad manners really cause harm to our relationship with families and friends, our working efficiency, and the future of the political and business area.

     As we know, the meaning of impoliteness is define as not polite or rude, same goes to dictionary.

 Family and friends very important in your life. When staying with families and friends, your impoliteness would really hurt others’ feelings. These are people who you care about and who care about you. So don’t use your rudeness to hurt their feelings and their love for you. Generation gap does exists between you and your parents that you may find problems when communicating with them. They might send you a handphone as your birthday gift while you don’t like this colour at all and think this gift is terrible, or they may consider working in your hometown is the best choice while you just want to go outside and understand what the another world looks like. But your confliction doesn’t show that you could be impolite to your parents, because it is only for your good that they consider these issues.

     In addition, impoliteness might leave a bad impression on others in a work environment, that no one would be willing to work with rude dudes. Especially when handling stuffs in political and business areas, politicians and leaders should make positive and kind impressions on the public and staffs, since what they represent are not only themselves, but a company, a state, and even a country. What they represent is groups rather than individuals. The negotiation won’t success if the two sides show rudeness to each other and alliance could not stay long if the two leaders lose their friend relations.

     Isn’t there any reason of abandoning showing tenderness? Of course the answer will be yes. It is not denied that holding a tough stance at times could let others know you are a person who is brave and cannot be humiliated. But it is not mean that rudeness is good, that to some degree the best way to show politeness and braveness is to be a gentle man of iron.

     In sum, impoliteness would hurt people who you care about when you are with your families and friends, and can damage the future of the group in the work environment. Although sometimes abandoning being tender could be a brave movement, it is never a good reason to be rudeness.

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