Thursday, October 3, 2013

MooN is ME

"Baiyo" once become my nickname at my primary school because of my big fat body. Baiyo is the combination of the word 'abang' and  'rul' that have been taken from my actual name which is Kamarul. Other than that, 'abang' is actually the appreciation from my friends to show respect to me. At the mean time, I also respect them all. Erm.... i really miss them all. But, that name is not permanently stick till now. It has become one part of my memory pieces.

So, back to the story.

Moon actually my name meaning in Arabic language.In arabic it is spelled qamarul which means moon. Still,
my name is Kamarul Aizar Bin Dziyauddin. I am the second one among the three siblings. Moreover, I am the most naughty person rather than my older and younger brother. My big brother is very quiet but he is clever as he is now further study at Monash University, Australia. His name is Nurrahman and people love to call him RHO. RHO?.....this nickname is actually been created from the list of periodic table in Chemistry. Although it right, i still cannot find the secret behind his nickname. O is for oxygen. H is for hydrogen. But, there are no atom that stand for R, maybe. Then, I just forget it, pretending there are no such name like that.

Hahahhahahhaha......... It is extremely funny.

Munir is my younger brother who very good in reading and memorizing. He love to read material that relate to religion. So, he really experts in solving the religious problem. Other than that, he always deliver speech at his college which get full support from his teacher and mostly friends. Like me, he always travel to many place to gain new knowledge of living. More experiences he get through travelling. I really respect him. he also always get good result in academic.3.5, 3.8 and 3.9 GPA in each semester is very easy for him to get. But, he admit that it hard to get 4.0 or four flat in all semester. Even though, I surely proud with him.

Now, my beloved parent background story.

This is the most sweet couple in the world. One is very hot tempered person whereby another one is very calm and very patient. Her patient is like a big wall that cannot be pass through with anyone or even machine.
Jawa Tengah, Indonesia
Every differences definitely is the best combination. Thanks God. So, Dziyauddin Bin Hasan is my father name and my mother is Era Ristina Binti Somosali. Besides that, my father is a malayan but my mother is an indonesian. My mother came from Jawa Tengah, Indonesia. She migrate to Malaysia for finding a suitable work for her. But, she is not a fugitive, don't ever think like that. Therefore, my siblings include me have my mother blood which remind us about other relative at Indonesia.

So, one last things about me is I have a magnificent family and many good friends.

I want more!