Friday, October 4, 2013



Hi everyone !
My name is Fatin Nabihah binti Muhammad. All of you can call me Fatin, Nabihah or FNM. FNM is stand for Fatin Nabihah Muhammad. Nineteen years ago, I came bounding into this world of love and laughter. I was born on 24th November 1994, which means I am 19 years old now. I live at Selekoh, Perak with my lovely family. I am mostly close with my Kak Yong and Kak Ngah. However, I do love my sisters and brothers too as I do love my Babah and Ibu. I am third from my siblings. So, I am Kak Lang.
My lovely siblings..=)
My father, Muhammad bin Md Hapidzin who is strict person but lovely father. He is hardworking guy to protect his big family. My mother is Kamaliya Binti Mansor who is very caring person. I always share my personal problems to my mother because she is understanding person. Kak yong is my eldest sister who is 22 years old and graduated from Kolej PolY-Tech MARA Alor Star.. Her name is Nadzirah Fadhilah and she is single..hoho! Okay, just joke. Back to main idea. My second sister is Nai’mah Fathiyah who is just graduated about two weeks ago in Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (manufacturing). Congratulation, kak Ngah! Najihah Fakhriyah is my sister that studying in form 4 and my youngest sister, Nafisah Fayyadhah in forms 1 now. My cute two little brother, Muhammad Anas Aiman and Muhammad ‘Afif Akmal who is the person that I always bullying at home. Hehe~ 

I love my family because without them, I am nothing.

I am studied at Sekolah Kebangsaan Bagan Pasir since 2001 until 2006 as my primary school. There, I have got too many memories together with my friends and caring teachers. I have a friend that gives me a lot of meaning on friendships. I still remembered that time I have a campaign at Sekolah Kebangsaan Simpang Empat in 2005. I found Farrah Nurlisa there. We always exchange of letters but in 2006 we already busy in Ujian Peperikssaan Sekolah Rendah (UPSR) preparation, so I decided to stop reply her letter and focus in my examination for a while. Day by day, grow with the flow, Alhamdulillah, I have got a flying colour in my examination but I feel very sad because I lost her address. How come it’s happen? I feel so frustrated because of my fault.

In 2007, I further my studied at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Tun Abdul Razak, Selekoh (STARS). During three years be as a secondary school student, I found many interesting part of life which is friendship. In 2007, I lost one of my best friends. She is my friend since our primary school. We always share our problems and try to solve it together. I feel very upset when I know that she gone forever. Al-Fatihah.

5 IN..miss them!!
After got a good result in Penilaian Menengah Rendah (PMR), I was offered by MARA to further my study at MRSM Merbok, Kedah. I feel very excited to go there. But, I feel homesick about one semester. Everyday I will call Ibu and Babah about 10 minutes, more or less.  I still remembered that time I was very down in preparation on my examination, I call my parents and kak Yong to share what I feel. The way to feel better beside du'a, we must share about our problem to others. It is one of the alternatives to make my heart feel comfortable and calm.
Since I live in boarding school, I learn to be independent girl which is all thing I must decide by my own. I learn to close with Allah slowly when I joined BADAR club which is stand for Badan Dakwah & Rohani. Besides, I learn to be a good leader that can handle programs in that school. The experiences will increase my confident level to face the real world.

D for Adila..=)
Mir for Amira, G for Najihah n Peny..

13rd May 2012, I registered at Kolej MARA Kuala Nerang (KMKN) as Foundation in Science Technology (FiST-UniKL) student. I feel really grateful when I was offered to further my study there. I always say to my heart, “YOU CAN DO IT! LETS BYGONE BE BYGONE AND DO YOUR BEST HERE.” 
I miss my roommate. G, D n Mir…now, G and Mir studying at RCMP while D at UniKL MIAT. They are the person who is really important in my life in KMKN. When I felt up and down , they always be with me.
The moment that I will never ever forget in KMKN is Chocolate’s Day. I very like chocolate crazily. Hehe~ the most chocolate that I like is
VOCHELLE chocolate (green wrapper). Yummy~ Can someone give me chocolates ???? hoho

Mirmo =(

Besides that, I will never forget KMKN because of my Mirmo’s grave was there. I miss my Mirmo. Mirmo was dead just about one month before my final semester. Hmmmmmm, miss Torty too (Mirmo’s boyfriend, maybe).

Now, I am studying at UniKL MICET, Bachelor in Chemical Engineering Technology (Hons) of Process. Insya-Allah, I will do my best for my future here. Aamiin. 
Alhamdulillah, at UniKL MICET I found Farrah Nurlisa again..=)

My principe,
"Just grow with the flow and the right path…insya-Allah.."

Hm, I think that’s all about me. Thank You..

I want more!