Monday, October 7, 2013

A Little Bit About Me


          On the 8th January 1994, a cute and healthy boy had brought an inexplicable delight to the family of Mr Mustafa and Ms Noraini after waiting for almost three year to have another child. I got to know the world at the Hospital Besar, Ipoh on the month of early new years and I am the fourth son out of 11 siblings. I lived in Ipoh until I was two years old and settled down in Taiping after my father got transfer to Taiping till now. My father works at the Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri and he was the assistant director at LHDN. Then on 7th October 2007 my father retire from LHDN at the age of 56. My mother doesn’t work and she is a fulltime housewife. Growing up in a large family of eleven and being a ninth child taught me a lot in becoming a responsible, caring and patient person.

          I received early education at Sekolah Kebangsaan King Edward 2 and finally managed to graduate Sekolah Kebangsaan Long Jaafar with straight A in UPSR. Life as an MRSM student have educated me to become independent, well-disciplined and organized. Piled with many school programs as well as the pressure to maintain good results and co-curricular performances, this school inculcated me to be a diligent, strong-hearted and well balanced future leader holistically. With the entire busy schedule, I still managed to adjust my study and co-curricular activity with the support from my beloved batch mates. It was proven when I managed to accomplish 7A and 1B in my PMR and 6A 3B in SPM.

          As for co-curricular activities, I love to play rugby. Every day I will go to the rugby training to train myself until I became good enough to represent my MRSM in rugby tournament. They is a lot tear and sweat during my training but I never give up until I reach my goal. All of my hard work had pay off when I was selected as the starting lineup for my MRSM rugby team in MRSM Se-Malaysia rugby invitation. The coach had put a lot of trust on me when he gave me the position fullback in the team which is the most important position in rugby. Besides that, I also actively involved in the scouts and I was able to participate in the MRSM Se-Malaysia Scout Jambori. Furthermore, I also play some chess and hoki in the district level for my MRSM.

          My leadership skills were showed when I was appointed as school prefect from 2008 till 2011.  I was the head of the executive council hostel of the Student Disciplinary Board in 2011. The work head of the executive council hostel is very hard because the student representative body I have problem so the Student Disciplinary Board have to handle the entire student affair especially in hostel. I gave all my best to coup with this problem and luckily everything went very smoothly.  In addition, MRSM is an institution that transformed me into a confident and outspoken person but also respect towards others no matter as a leader or a follower.

          Involving in engineering field was not actually my early ambition. As a naïve kid, the desire to be a doctor was definitely there. But as I grew up, I realized that I love to join in outdoor activities and associating in engineering field would be a great choice. I want to specialize my engineering course in Chemical Engineering of process in oil and gas. In order to realize my dream I apply the UniKL foundation in technology at College MARA Kuala Nerang. Alhamdulillah I was accepted at KMKN and I was able to graduate at KMKN with an average pointer of 3.81. After the foundation I was able to enter UniKL MICET at Malacca as a bachelor of chemical engineering in process hons oil and gas. I will studies hard so that I will able to get the dean list for every semester so that I will be eligible for the exchange students program and continues my studies in master and Phd at overseas.

          While many of my friends who want to be in engineering field choose to further in aircraft engineering, I know that the course that I choose is still new for Malaysia. However, I believed this course has great potential to grow in our country in the next few years. Furthermore, this position is in great demand in many countries in the world. I was amazed by what the chemical engineer can do and the chemical engineering is very extensive field because you can many companies such as automotive, aircraft and many more. I will work very so that I can work gigantic company whether in Malaysia or overseas.

I want more!