Saturday, October 5, 2013

This Is Me - Afieq Syauqie

This is real,this is me, I'm exactly where Im supposed to be now from"This Is Me" by Demi Lovato..“Winners never quit,quiters never win”. I always hold to that quote in every single thing that I do. I work so hard in aiming or achieving something.Well, that is me, Afieq Syauqie Mohd Zamri. 09 April 1994 was the lucky day for my family because I was born on that day. I was born at Hospital Besar Limbang, Serawak.                   

     Born as the first child of 4 siblings in my family, I have always been taught to be a responsible brother, kind-hearted, an optimistic, honest and determined person.My family is not classified as rich but we always happy with our life and lived simply. My father work as a teacher and same goes to my mother. They worked as teachers for 20 years. I always told to myself that I wanted to change our life to a better life.

            I finished my primary school years with 4A and 1B in my UPSR. My parents were not satisfied with my result because they hope that I could get full A’s in my examination. From that moment, I only got offer to continue my study in SMK Sultan Alauddin Riayat Shah 1,Pagoh. Eventhough the school is a famous and brilliant boarding school, but I actually hope that I could continue my study in any SEKOLAH BERASRAMA PENUH (SBP) or Maktab Rendah Sains Mara (MRSM). However, I knew that it was impossible thing because I only got 4A’s in my examination. So, I enrolled myself as usual at the school. I determined to prove to my parents that I could become an excellent student one day. “Failed once does not mean failure forever”. I believe on this quote. Finally, I got flying colours for my PMR result on 2009. I got 7A’s and 2B’s and my parents were so happy and proud of me. Praise to God. I have learnt the importance of trustworthy in friendship,family, God, self and how do all the values related each others.

            “An intelligent mind always in a healthy body”. My mother always said this to me. Actually, I am not an active student when I was in my primary school. I only involve myself in sports when I was in primary six. I play badminton, football and cricket after my parents ask me to do so. I only active in caligrafi (tulisan khat) and story telling started in years 2. When I was in Form 1, I realize that I could not involve in story telling only but I have to be an active student in sports also. Start from that moment, I always followed my friends and play football every evening. When my teacher asked me to go for the selection, I play my best and finally I was selected to join my school team. From that moment, I used this advantage to perform my best skill to go further in this sport. Praise to God because I got the chance to represent the district to state level in netball tournament. I showed my best in every tournament I’ve joined.

            Besides that, I also joined any camp for Scout Unit. I was selected again to represent my distric to state level for this camp. My luck came on me when I won the first prize for marching contest. This camp had taught me that cooperation was very essential in order for us to get our goals in anything we dream


            Finally, I managed to fulfill my dreams to continue my study in Mara Junior Science College (MRSM). I went to Mara Junior Science College Kuala Berang,Terengganu when I was in Form 4. I believe on myself that I could achieve my goals if I struggle and do my best. I perfomed as student management in my school. This position made me more motivated to change myself to a better student. By this position, I have to be a good motivator and also a good listener. I put this position as a challenge to me and also as a motivator to change myself better. In line with our moto “Help themselves to help others”. I am also a person who like to try a new thing. I love caligrafy  but unfortunately I have to drop my involvement as a caligrafy members because there was no club in my school. So, when my teachers asked students for caligrafy, I determined to take part in this team. I had to compete with other students to remain in this team. So, I won for a first prize in a competition.

            When I was in Form 5, my mother forbade me from involved in any competition because I have to sit for my SPM that year. So, I only focus on my study and try to improve my weaknesses in every subject.I struggled to achieve my goals. Eventhough I was in Arabic class, but I could prove to my teachers that I also can achieve 11A in my SPM. Praise to God because gave me the brilliant and happiness result to me.

     My senior remind me to apply for MARA scholarship. From the encouragement by my family and also my teachers, I applied for MARA scholarship. Whenever people asked me for my further study, I just said that I love to continue my engineering subject and also chemical. Then I went to Kolej MARA Kuala Nerang (FIST) to  applied chemical engineering course which is related to oil and gas subject. I always asked my cousin who also study in this course to explain me about chemical engineering course. Besides that, I do some research about this course to make me more understand before I continue in university. If I am selected for the scholarship by MARA, I determined to study hard and prove that I can succeed in this course.

            To further my view of future, I plan to continue my study in University of Adeilade in Australia. The primary reason for why I choose this university was that because of its excellent academic performance. It will be nice if I can fulfill my dream to study there                      

I want more!