Sunday, October 13, 2013

Childhood is the Sweetest and most Memorable Period in Man's Life

At night, Syauqie, Nizam and Kamarul had their dinner ate café. While waiting for their order, Nizam  saw Fatin and said’ “Hi Fatin! Let eat together with us.” Fatin replied, “My pleasure. Thank you.”, then she sat on the chair together with them.

Kamarul     : “Fatin, do you has ordered your dinner?”

Fatin          : “Oh. I am on diet.”

Syauqie     : “Oh. Are you sure?”

Fatin          : “Why?”

Nizam        : “hey guys! Do you remember about our assignment that had given by our gorgeous teacher?”

Fatin          : “Of course I had already remembered that assignment. Ha! That is why I come here to meet all of you.  We must to finish this assignment before mid-term holiday.”

Kamarul     : “Hmm, it is better if we discuss about the topic today ,because each of us is busy and does not have time to meet together tomorrow.”

Syauqie     : “Hmm, I forgot that my mother will take me at tomorrow night. So let us begin our discussion as soon as possible.”

Kamarul     : “Ladies first, please?

Fatin          : “Hah? I think maybe Nizam should tell us about his story first. Right, Nizam?

Nizam        : “Why me? hmm, okay. My life as a child was a very fun
experience because during that time as a child to experience new stuff because I can get away with it if I ever make a wrong decision and my parents will do anything in their power so that I will never astray from the right path. I still remember when I was still a young boy, I do all sort of stuff with my brother and sometimes we do stupid thing such as imitating the fight that we see on the television. Sure, it is very fun thing to do but this sort of thing can lead to very serious injury whether to us or person around us.

I still remember, during that time the most popular wrestler that been imitate by the boy during that time was The Rock and The Undertaker. Every time we have a little misunderstanding or a disputed between us brother we will settle it by wrestling and it is very fun because we can beat each other up until there is a winner.  Our wrestling fights have rule and regulation so that it will be a fair fight and so that we can avoid from any serious injuries been inflicted to the wrestler. For examples, Our wrestling arena is a little bit different from any other arena because we actually use mattress as the floor and chair as the jumping point for any flying stunt and the most important rule is we must have fair referee for any fight so it will be fair and square fight against the wrestler. Besides that, the referee also function also serve peacemaker because he have to make sure that this fight will not cause any serious injury and the referee also have to make sure there is no foul play between the wrestler.

Practice make perfect, this word had become the beacon for me and my brother to actually improve our skill in wrestling so that the next time we fight each other we can beat our opponent. Since then, every single day we will prepared ourselves by training new skill of our superstar so that we can use the move to defeats our opponent next time. We will practice the signature move of the wrestler so we can use it. It is very fun this activity actually strengthen the bond between us brother and beside that it also serve as a mechanism of self defense for us if we ever involved in any fight. That is why each and every one of the male in my family has such nice body figure beside the height genetic that we inherited from my father.

Fighting! Fighting! every single also have it side effect especially when it involved my mother. I still remember the worst nightmare that traumatized us especially me. On the weekend, during the midnight we had decides to play wrestling after watching it on television. We had already set the arena for the fight so right after the finish watching television; we quickly get on the fight. At first it was a fight between me and my older brother .The fight was just for fun. They were a lot of noise during that fight and there were a lot of mess in the living room because of the fight. At first my mom still can tolerate the fight but after a single incident my mom lose her temper and she start rampaging us by hitting us with a hanger repeatedly for breaking her precious plate in the cabinet."

Fatin          : "Then"

Nizam        : "For you completely understand this story you guys have to hear from the beginning. Ok, as I was fighting with my brother I was just about to unleash the new skill that I had learns. After knocking down my brother I quickly climb the chair to use the flying skill on my brother. As I was jumping , my feet hit the plate cabinet and I can hear the sound of my mom precious plate broken into pieces. Right after I woke up after falling from the chair I can see my mother shadow right in front of me.

During that time, it seems as if apocalypse has come. There is only one thing to do at that time, pray to Allah that it end quickly and painlessly. Since then we have vowed that we will never ever fight in the house again.That is all the things that I can share for the moment. I hope you guys had pleasant timelistening about my childhood"

Syauqie    :“It is interesting,  Nizam and very long story. What about you,   Fatin?”                     

Fatin          : “Hey, look at that the cute child there! She is playing tab. Wow! It is very different with us while we were young. Hmm, as we all know, nowadays is very different with the past which is they usually play indoor more than outdoor activities. I am still remembering some sweet and sad memories of my childhood life. I always remember a drain which is behind our house. The drain has many small fish. Once upon a time, my cousins came to my house and they asked me to play with them at the drain.

Syauqie     : “It is dangerous to play at the drain. Do you have permission from your parents?”

Fatin          : “Hmm, actually, my mother will mad if she knew we played there but the day my mother was not at home. So, we were trying to escape from my eldest sister because she will report to our parents. My gang, Kak Ngah, cousins and I went to the drain to catch the small and cute fish. I am still remembering the name of the fish is ‘ikan sepat’. We caught and kept them in the coconut shell. Some of the active fish will jump to the ground and dead slowly because they can not breathe. So pity of them! And I said, “Bye~ it is okay.”

After have about six to nine fish, we stop caught and started to cook them. We searched some small and dry twigs while my younger sister escape to the house and found matches to light a fire. My cousins found a bowl to fry the fish. While we cooked them on the fire, we felt like a junior chef. As a leader, Angah my eldest cousin will give the fried fish to my grandmother’s cat. Unfortunately our grandmother knew all about our activity and she report to his son who is my father. At dark night, my sister and I were punished to sleep outside the house.

 I felt very guilty at the moment, but now I am still like to buy the fish and kept them as my pet. I think that is all. What about you, Kamarul? Can you tell us about your childhood life?”

Kamarul     : "Wow!!! what an awesome story."

Syauqie     : " Yeah, but I cannot wait to hear a story from you. It is your turn now."

Kamarul     : " Owh, it is my turn already? Sorry, I forgot. hahahahhha.. Actually, I always climbed the tree as I was a child. I love doing it very much almost all type of  tree I had tried to climb. For instance, "rambutan" tree, "langsat" tree and mango tree. There was one tree that I never ever tried to climb which is coconut tree. It is so high and monkey just the only one that bare to take the challenge until now.

 I am not a monkey, I am a human. The memory become more sweeter when it came to fruit season. It felt living in heaven which there were many fruits at my village. Luckily, my grandparent had fruit orchards. They always invited me when to the orchard. Red, purple and green were the colour of fruit and it simply sweet to taste."

Fatin          : " Wait, this is a common story that we always heard from all           people. So boring."

Nizam        : "Yup"

Syauqie     : " Definitely" 

Kamarul     : "Ok, new story. Once upon a time,  I had a desire to learn the way to make kite or maybe called it "wau". Unfortunately, I have a good friend who name Amin. He good at doing that thing. So, I took this advantage to learn and get as many knowledge as I can get. I always saw him played kite at his house compound in the evening. In addition, the house compound was very large and seemed liked a playground. It was very spacious. The day was windy which suitable playing it. By looking at the kite flying high in the sky, I will think about freedom. He thought me everything from the basic thing about "wau" until the end.

We just used the bamboo for the kite frame and we make sured that it was very strong. Then we tested the stability of the frame putting our finger at the centre of the frame. Luckily, the frame was stable as we hope before we sticked the skin to it. Without hesitation, we sticked the skin to the frame. We chose green colour paper as it's skin and we once again tested the stability.

 At the top of the "wau", we use leech to increase the stability and made some unique sound when it fly high in the sky. Before the leech it put on top it, we had pulled it until it become long and elastic. After we put it all together, we flew it in front of Amin's house. The strong wind helped the kite to fly. We very excited that our effort had completely pay. I miss him very much." 

Fatin          : " Very nice, Kamarul."  

Nizam        : Syauqie, I think you have sweet memories to share with us. Do you?

Syauqie     : Owh ya.. and the last one is me, right? Erm, when I was kid, there were many memories that I can’t forgot. And the best memory that I have to share to you all is canon hand made. Ya, sound great right? But it is very dangerous. You know why, because there are many news on the television and newspaper that kids today lose their finger because playing that dangerous thing. I know that canon hand made very dangerous but it’s very fun. 

 During Ramadhan , my cousin and I make a new cannon. We make this cannon without permission our parents, and they don’t  know what my cousin and I plan to do. Usually, we’ll play at night after solat terawikh. All that we need were fertilizer, a tin, water, and the most part important was search a quiet places. Then, after all thing set up, it’s show time. My cousin put fire at the top of tin, then sound was “kaboom”!. After that, my father heard that sound and found us at the back my house.
That night also my cousin and I were scolded and we smiling to each other.  That’s are my best  memory ever when I was childhood.

After a few minutes later, suddenly, Fatin’s phone rang and she got a text from her roommates.

Fatin          : “I have to go, now. My roommates need a key.I    think your order already finished and you need to check it.Assalamualaikum. See you tomorrow morning. ”

Kamarul , Nizam and Syauqie  : “Waalaikumussalam. See you too. Take care.”

Fatin          : “Thank you for giving a cooperation to finish our task.”
Kamarul    : “Never mind, our pleasure.”