Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Nowadays, people seem to be more optimistic in something that ridiculous. In addition, they just take it directly without knowing the true beside all the these belief. In fact, they always thinking that belief is a belief and lead them to dead-end. People should wisely think about it before making decision on accepting any of it. It that we emphasize right now is the CULTURE TABOO  which have been practically done from our late great grandparents. Maybe past years back then it just for warning or reminder purpose. But, now people are misunderstood and understand it as a disaster if someone broke it.

Please critically think about this mathematical equation(sort                         of.....hahahahha):


Through wikipedia taboo is vehement prohibition of an action based on the belief that such behavior is either too sacred or too accursed for ordinary individuals to undertake, under threat of supernatural punishment

Meanwhile, David Emery said "it is a moral or cautionary restriction placed upon certain actions by authorities of people, which if ignored will result in specific negative consequences". 

So, what the difference?

Nothing. It just the same even in difference sentences. Well, we actually want to expose a little bit about taboo before we go further deeper. We just want all of us open our mind first in the way for gaining more knowledge about it. There are many culture taboos exist around us whether we realize or not. They came without any sign and track. But still, it really strong because it have travel from generation to another generation without any problem. Other than that, they have one specialist whereby there move through mind and not physical medium.

The most common culture taboo is " do not ever sit on a pillow, lest infected boils around the anus". It is true?. Let we share our story. Since we were a kid, we feel really strange as our parent said it to us.. Almost everyday we keep trying to reveal the truth. As many time we try, there are no boils infected at all. So, we feel like being on top of the world. We was very happy and sometime smiling alone by ourselves. For the God sake, now we realise that it was the stupid moment in our entire life. We keep questioning ourselves "Why can I think rational about it?".

Actually, along time ago we had experienced having boils at our anus. Because of that, all people thought that it is the effect sitting on the pillow. But, we just ignored it. The boils is so big and it bust up as sit in the car. seems like a bloody flood happening in the car. Many colour take place in that flood, yellow, red, and slightly green....hahahhaahhaha....very disgusting. For your knowledge, pillow is use to lay head and it bad for us to sit on it as it can result to smelly anus. Therefore, our ancestors are very clever. They prefer intimidating so we do not make mistake. 


Everybody are familiar with this taboo "girls who are not married can not sing in the kitchen, as feared would be delayed marriage". very scary and terrible. As a precaution, many girls afraid to sing in the kitchen. They decide to sing in the toilet, they bark with emotions and think like themselves is a hot and well-known singer. To us, it take a long time to figure out the answer. When we had grown, we think that there is a likelihood they will splashed saliva into the dish or food in the pot. Maybe true or not?...wakakkaka...

Please do not be like this!!!!
   Of course, one more taboo is sound like this "do not open an umbrella in the house, lest the snake will enter the house". Do umbrella has relation with snake?. Erm...thus umbrella is one amulet to called upon the snake?. Try think about that for a while. People always make fun and make nonsense thought when something touch about snake. Besides that, they relate snake with future mate. Some relate it with world unseen. So, are you same like them?

In our account, this taboo actually underline the danger of umbrella in house. All know that umbrella is a thing that suitable use outside. Furthermore, umbrella has sharp corners which can lead to eye puncture. Maybe, somebody will blind. Therefore, our ancestors have notice the problem and create this taboo for the sake of the next generation.

"Do not point finger toward the rainbow, your finger will be crippled". Rainbow are being blame for that, poor rainbow. If the rainbow have feeling, it maybe say like this " what is my fault, I do not do anything :( ". The real thing is rainbow appears indicating drizzle. Soon, the rain will fall and we can get fever. Unfortunately, we have a wonderful story to tell relate to this awesome taboo. It from one of our friend story. 

Let heard it out. 

"One day, my brother and I walked around the house compound. It was hot and felt like we were going to faint.After a while, we noticed a dark cloud appeared not far from our house and for some reason rainbow also there. I ask my brother "what was that?". He replied " it just rainbow, stupid". Then, I get very angry. He also said me never ever point finger to the rainbow exactly like the taboo. Still, I keep point my finger to it. My brother slapped my hand and scold me. I felt weird. He brought me home and told everything to my mother. Luckily, my mother advised my brother not to get harsh to me. I laughed loudly...hahhaahha. Without hesitation, she told me all thing behind the taboo. Unfortunately, I saw rain falling down outside the house. Therefore, I knew the exact reason my brother get mad at me.. But, he actually worried if my finger will get cripple. It alright . I knew he loves me very much".

Aside from that, everyone for sure have heard taboo which might like this " do not go out at dusk". Some people have different opinion regarding to this matter. There are people think it about evil spirit hovering on that time. Other than that, people maybe expect it is not a perfect time to go out and playing. So, different people different idea. We can not blame them. It actually is an idea, nothing is wrong. Now, it time for us to share our opinion. Probably, many people do not know that at dusk, the sky colour is burnt orange. Even it is a colour, it do not means it not have bad effect toward ourselves. Indeed, orange is a symbol of vitality, but it also emits a negative vibration indicating pride, tension and aggressive self-assertion. Effect on psychology is more dangerous than instance effect.In addition, it will hard to remove and heal. A rude and bad people will be born because of this simple matter. Furthermore, orange can damage people eye because it colour tone is so bright and hard. So, we are really proud of our ancestors creating this wonderful taboo. 

With the above taboo that we explain maybe can open everybody thought and mind. We think we have done the best to share this topic. Therefore, last from us. Taboo is actually reality and not fantasy. Thank you.